Episode 12 Has Dropped!

Episode 12 is available now wherever you listen to podcasts. I’ll have some local beers from Casa Humilde, Brewer’s Kitchen, Mikerphone, and Church Street. Episode 11 was lost in the shuffle, so please check that out as well.

Happy Craft Beer Week!

I’ll have a new episode out this weekend featuring some great Chicago area beers and I have some Jagoffs all lined up for the show as well. Don’t forget Episode 11 is available now.

It Goes To 11

Latest Episode is out now! Still working on volume normalization, this will be the end of me. Enjoy!

Modern Times!!!!!!

One of my favorite breweries is now available in Chicago. Modern Times from San Diego is at Bottles and Cans and I also saw an email from Binny’s promoting them. Every time I’m in SD I make a point of stopping by. The beer is great and the post it note wall of a monkey is pretty damn cool as well. I grabbed 3 different ones from Bottles and Cans tonight and will have one as the Beer In Front tomorrow. Episode 11 will also drop Sunday night.

All is calm……

It’s been a quiet week. I’ll have some beers to review, plus a good person of the week. Who are your Jagoffs Of The Week?

Episode 10 Available Now!

This week I’ll have some American Wheat Ales, finally try a Phase Three plus the Jagoff Of The Week!

Next Episode

This week marks the 10th episode of the podcast. I’ll feature some American Wheat Ales from Bell’s, Marz, Short Fuse and others! All that and a new Jagoff Of The Week! Episode 10 will drop Wednesday.


I’m getting great feedback on the Jagoff Of The Week segment? Would you like me to open it up on a Twitter poll?

Episode 9 Out Now

This week, I’ll have some Pilsners and finally drink something from More!