Episode 7

Big episode coming out tonight or tomorrow. I’ll recap beer news of the week, try an Aldi beer (don’t ask) and have some really good Off Color beers!

Aldi Beer

I had a listener suggestion to review a beer from Aldi. I’m on the case! Does anyone recommend any of their house beers?

New Podcast Out This Week!

Last week was crazy with moving during a Shelter In Place and also living under such shelter. Episode 6 will be out by Wednesday! Thanks so much!

And Lenny Bruce Is Not Afraid

New episode coming up this week. I have a few beers lined up, and pretty much talk about what’s happening in this crazy world. See you then.

More places to hear the podcast!

There have been a few more locations added that carry the podcast, you can access the list here: https://anchor.fm/beerinfront

If anyone has an Android phone, could you look at the Google Podcast app and see if it’s there? Allegedly, you can find it there as well. Thanks!