Sew Hop’d Brewery Stan’s Amber

Stan’s Amber is an American Amber Red Ale from Sew Hop’d Brewery located in Huntley, Illinois. Stan’s has a great dark red/brown color with a wonderful sweetness to it in the aroma and flavor. They use Centennial and Cascade hops however this is listed with 28 IBU’s so the sweetness from the malt is the overwhelming flavor here. The can says it’s not too sweet and I’ll respectfully disagree here, I feel the sweetness makes this a good one and I’ll be consuming more of Stan’s Amber in the near future. This is a 5.9% ABV beer and goes down nice and easy and I could see this complimenting a nice meal at dinner. I picked this one up at Beermiscuous and I’ve been a fan of everything I’ve had from Sew Hop’d so far. My Huntley friends, there is More than one place in Huntley to go to, you better start going to Sew Hop’d!

Anchor Steam

Tonight I’m having an Anchor Steam. The company and style have been around since 1896 and this is the classic American craft beer first bottled in 1971. This is a can from before the rebranding and was canned 8 months ago so it’s not entirely fresh however this will probably be the last time I have this from the old school packaging so I couldn’t pass it up.

Anchor Steam has a beautiful dark golden color from the use of the caramel malts. The aroma for me is all malt here, I’m not getting hop aroma here at all. The taste is more of the same where the first impression is the sweetness from the malt, there is a slight bitterness at the end from the Northern Brewer hops Anchor uses for this beer. I’m getting a very slight bitter aftertaste at the end from this but by all means it’s not overpowering. The carbonation was a little lacking here but I’m going to attribute this to the age of the can, Anchor Steam is still a solid beer choice provided you have one that is fresh! I gave this a 7.1 out of 10 and looking at past ratings I gave this I had it as high as 7.9.

Episode 61 Things We Don’t Say

This week I’ll have the Mikerphone Brewing version of the Things We Don’t Say collaboration as my Beer In Front. I’ll also discuss the big beer news that surfaced this week, and I’m sure I can dig up some Jagoffs of The Week! 

Hat Giveaway!

I’m going to give away a brand new Beer In Front baseball hat this week. To enter, email me at with the new medical issue I talked about in the show this week. Use “HAT” as the subject on the email, and I’ll pick a winner at random next Wednesday at 12:00 Noon.

Episode 60

Big Episode 60 this week! I’ll talk about some health issues, have a Cane And Ebel for the first time in years. That was still a really good beer! I’ll also call out some Jagoffs that aren’t the usual ones I name. 

Shout-Out this week to the Micro Break Podcast, check that out when you get a chance, it’s a good one!

Episode 59 Available!

This week I have the old school IPA from Lagunitas as my Beer In Front. I have been having some health issues so I didn’t have other beers however I’ll make up for it with extra Jagoffs! 

Half Acre Brewing Co Vallejo IPA

It’s been a while since I’ve had a Vallejo from Half Acre. This is their Summer IPA and it is a good one! Vallejo pours a pale golden color, has a aroma to me of a dank, piney combination. The taste is the same, it’s a good combination of flavors, but for me, I get mostly pine with a little grapefruit. There is good carbonation here but not over the top, Vallejo finishes a bit dry with a little bitterness on the back end. I’m drinking this out of a can and was canned 8 days before I’m drinking this. Vallejo is a 6.7 % ABV West Coast IPA and is a good one, I’m glad it’s back for the Summer!

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Episode 56 St Bernardus Prior 8

Good show this week or a bad show if you liked the interviews and chats. This one is all me. I’ll have the wonderful St. Bernardus Prior 8 as my Beer In Front. I’ll also talk about beers from Hopewell, Grumpy Troll, and Seipp’s.