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  • Right Bee Cider Clementine

    Right Bee Cider Clementine

    This is usually the time of Chicago Cider Week so while I wish the Northman was still around on Lincoln, I’ll just stay home and have a cider tonight. Right Bee Cider is a Chicago cidery that makes some great ciders and the Clementine I’m having now might be my favorite from them. This has…

  • Sierra Nevada Wanderland Ale

    The beer review tonight is from Sierra Nevada. Their Wanderland is a Nectarine Ale and is mighty fine! In case you haven’t checked out the podcast, you can so so here:

  • YouTube Review

    Tonight I did a quick video review of Plasma Wave from Brothership Brewing in Mokena, Illinois.

  • Hop Butcher Double Saaz

    Hop Butcher Double Saaz

    Wow, this is terrific! Double Saaz is an Italian Style Pilsner from Hop Butcher. This is a nice change from them, Double Saaz is hopped with Saaz and Zuper Saazer hops the latter is a higher alpha acid version of the traditional noble Saaz hop. It has a beautiful golden color, the aroma is decent,…

  • Sketchbook Brewing Snowy Owl

    Sketchbook Brewing Snowy Owl

    Tonight I’m having Snowy Owl, this is a red rye ale from Sketchbook Brewing in Evanston, Illinois. This has a great reddish color, the aroma is ok for me, more of the malt than the hops. The taste is really good, the sweetness from the caramel malt hit me up front with the rye malt…

  • More Brewing Co. Autumn Fields

    More Brewing Co. Autumn Fields

    Tonight I’m having Autumn Fields from More Brewing Company in Huntley, Il. This is their Cream Ale with cranberry and orange. I’m digging this combination, the fruit adds a nice touch of tartness which I’m getting more than the sweet of the orange. The color throws you off when pouring as it’s a pinkish hue…

  • Hop Butcher’s Tavern Cut

    Hop Butcher’s Tavern Cut

    Tonight I’m having the wonderful Tavern Cut by Hop Butcher. This is one of the beers from them I enjoy the most. You really get the orange juice aroma and taste with this. At the end, the bitter white grapefruit notes hit you and there is a slight bitter aftertaste. This is a 7.5% ABV…

  • Claire’s Thirsty Ale Haymarket Beer Co.

    Claire’s Thirsty Ale Haymarket Beer Co.

    Tonight I’m having the terrific Claire’s Thirsty Ale from the Haymarket Beer Company in Bridgman, Michigan and Chicago. This is an Imperial Stout aged in Bourbon barrels and with raspberries. This is absolutely fantastic! I didn’t get a lot of the barrel aged and raspberry in the aroma, but the taste is one of a…

  • 4 Hands Brewing Absence Of Light

    Today I took my Lactaid pill and am having Absence Of Light from 4 Hands in St Louis, Missouri. This is a Peanut Butter Chocolate Milk Stout. I’m lactose intolerant so I usually try to avoid this type of beer, not because I want to…… I picked this up a few months ago in a…

  • Wings Have Fallen Servaes Brewing

    Wings Have Fallen Servaes Brewing

    Tonight I’m having the Session NEIPA Wings Have Fallen from Servaes Brewing Company in Shawnee, Kansas. Control Tammie went to visit family and thanks to @eleventhreeKC she provided a list of places there for her to try. One place that caught her eye was Servaes Brewing Company and she brought me back a few to…