Episode 69 Schlitz

This week I’m going for the gusto and having a Schlitz as the Beer In Front. Schlitz was my favorite amongst the macros I’ve had and it’s worth trying out! I’ll talk about upcoming projects with the great E14 Podcast, I Like Beer Podcast, and Da Beer Bros Podcast as well! 


Episode 68 Miller High Life

Normal show this week where I have the classic Miller High Life as the Beer In Front. I’ll have some good beers from Oscar and Rod that they sent me and there are a few weeks of Jagoffs to catch up on!

Episode 65 Braxton Brewing – Storm

This week I’ll have a Cream Ale from Braxton Brewing called Storm as my Beer In Front. This came courtesy of Rod J from @RodJBeerVenture

I’ll also talk about some good beers from Old Irving Brewing, Sew Hop’d and others. 

Episode 61 Things We Don’t Say

This week I’ll have the Mikerphone Brewing version of the Things We Don’t Say collaboration as my Beer In Front. I’ll also discuss the big beer news that surfaced this week, and I’m sure I can dig up some Jagoffs of The Week! 

All Jagoffs, No Beer!

Every Jagoff is coming out of the woodwork this week, so I called a few out on a bonus weekend edition of the podcast. As always in case any of these Jagoffs want to sue, these are only my opinions, I don’t know them personally and maybe they are nice people. Or Not!

The Tuesday edition is there to listen as well. Check them out if you have time. Have a great weekend!

January 13 Episode Available Now!

The latest episode is available now. This week, I’ll have a Duvel that was way too over-carbonated! I’ll talk about some great beers from Saugatuck, Hop Butcher, Haymarket, and Tangled Roots.

I’ll share my opinions on my least favorite F-Word, Founders and there are plenty of Jagoffs this week!

Episode 10 Available Now!

This week I’ll have some American Wheat Ales, finally try a Phase Three plus the Jagoff Of The Week!