The Podcast Is Yours (For A Week)

I’m going down to central Illinois the last week in March for my second shot of the vaccine. My wife is getting hers the next day and from what I hear, the next day isn’t pleasant. I’ll be taking the week off from the podcast and I thought I’d leave you in charge. If you are interested, record a segment around 3 minutes in length talking about your Beer In Front. It’s your choice as to what it will be. If it’s a local beer from your area you want to let people know about, great! If you are part of a brewery and want to tell people about it, great! My only rule is that I don’t care for the owners of Founders, Stone, and Boulevard and would prefer if we don’t give them any love. If you have a podcast, blog, or whatever you want to let people know about, that’s cool, but keep the segment to around 3 minutes. If you have a Jagoff you want to call out, the 3 minutes are yours!

Email me the recording, send it to or send me the cloud link by Saturday the 27th of March and I’ll have them on the podcast that week! If you’re having issues with the recording, let me know and I can set up a quick Zoom call and I can record you from there!

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