Beer In Front

Welcome to the home of Beer In Front. BIF is my podcast about enjoying the beer in front of you. No waiting in lines for it, no badges, just enjoy. I’ll talk about some old school beers and some new local (Chicago) classics too. I’ll also have a rant at the end about Jagoffs!

Half Acre Brewing Co Vallejo IPA

It’s been a while since I’ve had a Vallejo from Half Acre. This is their Summer IPA and it is a good one! Vallejo pours a pale golden color, has a aroma to me of a dank, piney combination. The taste is the same, it’s a good combination of flavors, but for me, I get […]

Episode 56 St Bernardus Prior 8

Good show this week or a bad show if you liked the interviews and chats. This one is all me. I’ll have the wonderful St. Bernardus Prior 8 as my Beer In Front. I’ll also talk about beers from Hopewell, Grumpy Troll, and Seipp’s. 

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