Beer In Front

Welcome to the home of Beer In Front. BIF is my podcast about enjoying the beer in front of you. No waiting in lines for it, no badges, just enjoy. I’ll talk about some old school beers and some new local (Chicago) classics too. I’ll also have a rant at the end about Jagoffs!

Jeremy Banas Celis Beer 02/24/21 Podcast

Episode 49 of the podcast is available now! This week I talked to Jeremy Banas author of the new book Celis Beer Born in Belgium, Brewed in Texas. This a great book for anyone interested in the legend of Pierre Celis or anyone interested in craft beer. I also enjoyed Harold’s ’83 Honey Ale […]

Perennial Artisan Ales Saison De Lis

Wow! I’m really enjoying the beer I’m having tonight! Saison De Lis comes from Perennial Artisan Ales in St. Louis and I’m sold on this one. This has Chamomile as an adjunct and that adds a nice touch to this Saison. This has a lovely gold color to it and nice aroma. The Chamomile with […]

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