Funkytown Brewing Hip Hops and R & Brews

Great show this week where I have the flagship beer from Chicago’s newest brewery Funkytown and it’s a winner! I’ll also have a chat with one of the co-hosts of the terrific Drunk Theory podcast Kelli Madden! There are fine beers I’ll have from Hopewell, and Pilot Project, plus a non-political Jagoff segment!

Drunk Theory

Funkytown Brewery

Hopewell Brewing

Pilot Project 

Great Lakes Christmas Ale Beer In Front

What a terrific beer this week! I'm having the Christmas Ale from Great Lakes Brewing in Cleveland. This is Christmas in a pint glass! Shoutout to The Muck Podcast!Other podcasts mentioned: I Had To Say It, Michaels's Record Collection, The Visionarium, and Soundtrack Your Life!
  1. Great Lakes Christmas Ale
  2. Happy Thanksgiving
  3. Beer & Cheese/Pliny The Elder
  4. Black IPA's/Cascadian Dark Ale
  5. Ice Beers

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