India Pale Ale

Next week on the podcast, I’m going to talk about IPA’s. Love them or hate them, IPA’s are the driving force in Craft Beer. On the 2021 Style Guidelines published by the Beer Judge Certification Program, there are 11 separate categories of an IPA and Untappd lists 23 different categories making this the most popular style in Craft Beer. 

I’ll have one from one of my favorite San Diego breweries Societe called Wave Of The Future along with a few others. Episode 101 will be out next Wednesday!

To catch up on the show including Episode 100 that came out this week, head over to Beer In Front or you can listen on your favorite Podcast player!

There are a few days left to grab a print from Chicago Neighborhoods and get a 15% discount. Use the code BEERINFRONT for the savings, this promotion ends on 2/28/21 so act now!

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