Funkytown Black Is Beautiful

Tonight I had a fantastic offering from Funkytown out of Chicago. This is their Black Is Beautiful with Weathered Souls. Funkytown adds Blueberry and Madagascar Vanilla to this and it’s very nice! The flavors are subtle but noticeable and really makes for a nice part of the Black Is Beautiful Series. Theirs clocks in at 7.1% ABV, they use CTZ and Cascade hops in addition to the vanilla and blueberry. I’ve liked everything I’ve had from Funkytown and think this is a Chicago brewery to always check out.

Proceeds from this will be donated to Chi-Side. They provide sports media training to children 9-18 years of age.

If you see this one, by all means put it in the cart! Every beer I’ve had from the Black Is Beautiful collection of beers has been fantastic and Funkytown adds to the legacy of this while supporting a good cause like Chi-Side!

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