A 2020 Thanksgiving

As I mentioned on the 11/19 episode of the podcast, Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. Normally, I’d take the day off and either cook or make a pie or side dish for where I’d be going that day. 2020 is so messed up I’m going to work. Ruby and I invited my mother over but who knows if with everything going on she’ll be able to make it this year. Instead of cooking, Ruby decided to support a local restaurant and purchase our meals from them. There are plenty of places that could use the help, and despite everything going on, we feel very thankful for all we have this year. If you can, please help a local place this Thanksgiving. If you’re already planning on cooking, buy your beer and wine from a local (non-chain) place. They could use our help.

The holidays can be sad for many, and trust me you are NOT alone! If you need to, reach out to someone. You aren’t a burden and we’ll all listen and hear you.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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