Brooklyn Black Chocolate Stout 2020

I want to start doing more in depth reviews on certain beers I have that might not make the Beer In Front. I’m having the fabulous Black Chocolate Stout from the Brooklyn Brewery. This is a Russian Imperial Stout with an ABV of 10% The aroma is really good and you really get the chocolate aroma from the malt. The same is true with the taste, big chocolate malt flavor hits you and for a 10% beer, it finishes smooth without the boozy kick you get from other high gravity beers. This has been a holiday season tradition for a long time, I’ve been drinking this for probably 20 years or so and it always is excellent! This is only available from October through March, so grab some while you can!

On my scale, I gave this a 8.92 so let’s round up to 9. Fantastic beer especially if you are tired of barrel aged mania this time of year.

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