Category: Reviews

  • Beachwood Simcoast to Coast IPA

    Tonight I had a great IPA from Beachwood called Simcoast to Coast. This was courtesy of Ryan from the great Soundtrack Your Life Podcast! With all of the new trends that are out there, you forget how good a SMASH (Single Malt And Single Hop) beer can be. This uses American 2-Row Malt and 100% […]

  • Oakspire

    Tonight I had Oakspire. This is a collaboration between New Belgium and Four Roses Bourbon. I’ll do an audio review on this one on the podcast soon. Unlike most barrel aged beers that are popular, Oakspire is not a stout. This is a 9% Strong Ale that has been around since 1998. Initially, this was […]

  • Brooklyn Lager

    What a great beer and being a Jagoff, I totally messed up and didn’t include this in the Beer In Front Awards for 2022. This WILL be a beer to judge for 2023!

  • The High Life

    Did a review of Miller High Life for the Beer In Front Awards!

  • Beer For The Top Shelf

    Tonight I had the terrific Vienna Lager from Off Color Brewing called Beer For The Top Shelf. Did you know that the Off Color Mouse is the reason I am married? If not, watch the video for the story!

  • The Big Woods

    Tonight I had a killer Vienna Lager from Coastal Fermentory in collaboration with Earlybird’s Bottle Shop called The Big Woods. Coastal Fermentory is based in Newport News, VA and Earlybird’s in Poquoson, VA. This was sent over from the Wish You Were Beer show, and The Big Woods is very good!  The Big Woods has […]

  • 2nd Shift/Speciation Artisan Ales Beer #3

    Tonight I had a wonderful Session Baltic Porter from 2nd Shift Brewing and Speciation Artisan Ales called Beer #3. This is so good I forgot to take a picture of it, I dove right in! Everything about this one is excellent. You get the nice dark malt aroma and flavor here. Being a Session Baltic […]

  • Haymarket Chicago Tavern Beer

    Tonight I had Chicago Tavern Beer. This is a lager from Haymarket Beer Company in collaboration with @ChicagoBars This is a beer flavored beer and it’s terrific. I am enjoying everything about this one. This has a nice pale golden color, good aroma. The taste is spot on! Really good carbonation and finish here as […]

  • Première De Roncier

    Tonight I’m having a terrific Première De Roncier from the New Braunfels Brewing Company in New Braunfels , TX. Kelly K.F.M. Meyer was kind enough to send me this prior to our interview last week, and I wanted to share this with Ruby since she is a fan of sours. This is outstanding! What a […]