Ryeway To Heaven Revolution Brewing

This was released today and damn, this is one amazing beer! This is not a stout like most barrel aged beers, this is a Rye Ale aged in bourbon and rye barrels for something slightly different but still carries the high standards of the Revolution Deep Woods Series. This is not for the feint of heart, Ryeway clocks in at 15.8% ABV and sips more like a cocktail than anything else I’ve had in a long while. This has a great dark brown color and wonderful aroma that could unclog any Covid patient. The taste is excellent with the rye from the malt, along with the rye barrel taste. Ryeway is an ale brewed with 65% rye malt so you definitely get the rye taste. This is another great selection from the Revolution Deep Woods Series that you should pick up and savor! If you don’t care for this, please send the other 3 to Dave c/o Beer In Front……

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