Liquid Spiritual Delight 2nd Shift Brewing

Today I’m having a great Imperial Stout Liquid Spiritual Delight from 2nd Shift Brewing in Saint Louis, Missouri. After consuming a lot of barrel aged stouts lately, it’s nice to just have a good old fashioned Imperial Stout! LSD has a wonderful color, the aroma hits you with the dark malts and the taste is fantastic! I get the malt up front and a little bitterness in the back and the 11.5% ABV says hello to you at the end. The IBU’s are not listed, but it’s very balanced for my tastebuds. Not one component jumps in front of the other here, everything about this stout fits just right for me. The carbonation is spot on here, and according to the can this is chewy, that’s a perfect description of this! The more I have of this, the more I like it, the second half of this is better than the first! This was canned on 11/5/2020 and I purchased it at (you guessed correctly) Beermiscuous. Liquid Spiritual Delight is a terrific Imperial Stout and by all means if you’re a fan of the style, you won’t be disappointed! I gave it an 8.8.

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