Riverlands Brewing Co Amber’s Soul

Amber’s Soul is a Black IPA from Riverlands Brewing Company in St. Charles, IL and this is a winner! I’m a big fan of a Black IPA and a Rye Ale, so I was looking forward to this one. This has a good aroma but the taste is terrific! I get the dark malts with the rye kick and almost a very subtle smoky taste, then the hops hit you. Amber’s Soul uses Citra, Amarillo, and CTZ all of which I’m a fan of. This has a good mouthfeel to it, it’s very balanced between the malt and hops with only a slight bitter aftertaste. This is an 8.2% ABV and the IBU’s aren’t listed, but it’s hoppy so regular IPA people don’t shy away from this. I rated this a 9.2, and grabbed it today from Beermiscuous. It was canned on 10/29/20 so it’s 2 months old. If you’re a Black IPA fan, and if not, don’t sleep on this style, grab this! Riverlands website shows this on tap and in Crowlers. Amber’s Soul was created by an employee named Amber, so Amber, thanks for your soul! This is a great beer and I highly recommend it!

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