More Brewing Company Partially Cloudy

For the 1st beer of 2021, I’m having Partially Cloudy from More Brewing. This is a dry hopped lager and is fantastic! They use the same hops on this as they do in Burst Of Sunshine which was in my Top beers of 2020 so I was excited about trying this one. This has a perfect light golden color to it. The aroma is decent at first and to me fades away. The taste is outstanding here, you get the combination of the Amarillo, Citra, and the Motueka hops with the clean lager backbone. Great carbonation here and this has a nice clean finish. Partially Cloudy is listed at 5.1% ABV and is easy drinking, this is no doubt one you should try. It should please the hop heads and Lager fans as well. 2021 already is looking up after having this as the first beer of the year!

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