Sketchbook Brewing Snowy Owl

Tonight I’m having Snowy Owl, this is a red rye ale from Sketchbook Brewing in Evanston, Illinois. This has a great reddish color, the aroma is ok for me, more of the malt than the hops. The taste is really good, the sweetness from the caramel malt hit me up front with the rye malt kick in there as well. This has only 41 IBU and I get the bitterness at the end from the Cascade and Amarillo hops. Snowy Owl has good carbonation here and a nice finish. Grab it if you can.

I enjoy pretty much everything Sketchbook does and the taproom in Evanston is first rate! I can’t wait to get back there hopefully soon. The vibe there is so good, it’s always a nice diverse group of people that you don’t always see in other places. It’s not exactly close to us but Ruby and I try to make it there a few times a year. We haven’t been to the Skokie location yet, but will without question make a stop there once things get back to normal.

There were a few episodes this week in case you missed it. The normal one on Tuesday, and one this afternoon that was all Jagoffs!

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