Black Is Beautiful Revolution Brewing

Tonight I’m having the last of the 4 pack I picked up in the Summer from Revolution. This is aging nicely, it seems to have mellowed out a bit and is very smooth for a 10% Imperial Stout. It’s funny, after so many barrel aged stouts and stouts with different adjuncts I almost had to recalibrate my taste buds at first since it’s been a while that I’ve had just a regular stout. Their version of Black Is Beautiful has a really nice aroma and flavors from the malts and oats and really is a good stout. The carbonation was a bit thin for me but overall I’m a fan of this one. Black Is Beautiful is hosted by Weathered Souls in San Antonio, Texas and 100% of the proceeds from Revolution’s version goes to the great My Block My Hood My City group.

In case you missed it last night, the latest episode of the podcast is out and is a great one featuring a chat with Liz from The Beer And The Baker

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