Perennial Artisan Ales Saison De Lis

Wow! I’m really enjoying the beer I’m having tonight! Saison De Lis comes from Perennial Artisan Ales in St. Louis and I’m sold on this one. This has Chamomile as an adjunct and that adds a nice touch to this Saison. This has a lovely gold color to it and nice aroma. The Chamomile with the Saison yeast blends well together and has a slightly tart taste to it. This is really a light, delicious beer. Saison De Lis is a 5% ABV and I could see myself having more than one of these. I like Saisons, but honestly I usually find other beers to grab when I’m out so I miss out on these. This style and beer from Perennial needs to be added to the rotation. I liked this so much from the aroma and pour I didn’t even grab a picture of it!

If you haven’t already, check out the latest episode of the podcast featuring an interview with Liz from The Beer And The Baker!

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