Vaguely Stylish Argyle Midwest Coast

Tonight I’m having a West Coast IPA from Midwest Coast in Chicago called Vaguely Stylish Argyle. This is an excellent beer! It has a wonderful color, the aroma is spot on as well. The taste is terrific! They use Centennial, Cascade, and Chinook hops which really blend well with the malts here for a great tasting beer. Argyle has 62 IBU so it is a throwback to the IPA’s of old and I’m kicking myself for not trying their beers before. Thanks to Virginia from Beermiscuous for the recommendation!

The can design is brilliant as well, I love the matte black Argyle pattern and the color selection with the red, Chicago blue, and copper really pop. I love how they put on the back the hop percentage they used for this one.

The latest episode of the podcast is out with a Rauchbier from Dovetail and a chat with Curt from the Half Hour Bros.

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