Anchor Steam

Tonight I’m having an Anchor Steam. The company and style have been around since 1896 and this is the classic American craft beer first bottled in 1971. This is a can from before the rebranding and was canned 8 months ago so it’s not entirely fresh however this will probably be the last time I have this from the old school packaging so I couldn’t pass it up.

Anchor Steam has a beautiful dark golden color from the use of the caramel malts. The aroma for me is all malt here, I’m not getting hop aroma here at all. The taste is more of the same where the first impression is the sweetness from the malt, there is a slight bitterness at the end from the Northern Brewer hops Anchor uses for this beer. I’m getting a very slight bitter aftertaste at the end from this but by all means it’s not overpowering. The carbonation was a little lacking here but I’m going to attribute this to the age of the can, Anchor Steam is still a solid beer choice provided you have one that is fresh! I gave this a 7.1 out of 10 and looking at past ratings I gave this I had it as high as 7.9.

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