Daisy Cutter

Today I’m having the classic Chicago Pale Ale from Half Acre, Daisy Cutter. Daisy Cutter has been around since 2009 and no doubt belongs on every top Chicago beer there is.

Daisy Cutter has the (for me) the perfect golden color to it. I didn’t get a lot of aroma here, it was very subtle. The taste is terrific though with a little biscuit from the malt along with a pine/citrus flavor from the hops. This has a good mouthfeel to it with nice carbonation and a good dry finish. You show up somewhere and bring Daisy Cutter, you’re getting the nod of approval from everyone. You’ll look taller, appear smarter and make the most interesting person in the world from other ads seem dull. I picked up this can at my local Jewel and surprisingly was canned only 8 days prior so this was fresh. You can grab Daisy Cutter all over Chicagoland!