Hoppin’ Frog Re-Re-Pete

Hoppin’ Frog Re-Re-Pete

Tonight I’m so excited to have Hoppin’ Frog’s Re-Re-Pete. This is an Imperial Brown Ale brewed with Pete Slosberg from Pete’s Wicked Ale. This is a kicked up version of Pete’s Wicked checking in at 15.6% ABV and put out in an 8.45 oz can.

I was a huge fan of Pete’s Wicked back in the day, I even had a varsity jacket from them. Gambrinus, the company stopped making Pete’s Wicked back in 2011, so it’s been at least for me 20+ years since I’ve had something from Pete Slosberg.

Hoppin’ Frog’s Re-Re-Pete uses the same malts and Brewers Gold Hops that was used in Wicked Ale and a lot more of them! This is still a Brown Ale, so the color is nice medium brown color. For me, the aroma is all malt with the sinus clearing alcohol burn. This is boozy! The taste is at first the sweetness from the malt followed by a WOW, I better call a cab hit of alcohol followed by more of the malt sweetness at the end.

This is by all means a sipping beer and would go well sitting outside next to a fire with a cigar. Re-Re-Pete is good beer if you can find it, Hoppin’ Frog is based out of Akron, Ohio and they ship to Kentucky and Washington DC.


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