Alaskan Brewing Co Midnight Haze IPA

Alaskan Midnight Haze IPA

Tonight I’m having the Midnight Haze IPA from Alaskan Brewing Company. Before I start, I do want to be upfront and say that Alaskan sent me this to try before it’s released all over on September 1st. Well, I wish they would have sent more than 1 can of Midnight Haze because I love this beer and would have and will pay for this once it’s out next week!

I’m a huge fan of Black IPA’s and when I saw they were going to mash up that style with a Hazy IPA I was intrigued. Midnight Haze does not disappoint if you are a fan of either style. The color might be a tick lighter than the usual style, but the aroma hits you right away with the melon/citrus notes from the hops. The taste is killer! It’s like your favorite Hazy hooked up with a Black IPA and this is the result 9 months later. I get the chocolate, toffee notes from the malt blending with the hops here and it is a rock solid beer! I get a little bitterness at the end that you might not get with the Hazy/NE style but fits well with the Black IPA style.

Midnight Haze IPA will be a limited edition beer available on September 1st. Alaskan Brewing distributes to 25 states and hopefully, yours is one of them!


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