Shop Talk

18th Street/Revolution Shop Talk

Tonight, I’m having a great collab between Revolution & 18th Street called Shop Talk. Shop Talk was brewed for the Barrel and Flow festival in Pittsburgh this year on September 10-12 which ⁠sets out to honor the interconnected and important sectors of Black arts, celebrate Black artists, and share how collective art is greater together than the sum of its individual parts.

Shop Talk is an old school, west coast IPA that I’m really enjoying! This checks in at 7% ABV with 65 IBU’s. It has a wonderful color to it, the aroma is nice as well. The flavor takes me back to the IPA’s of 20 years ago where cargo shorts and Tommy Bahama shirts lined my closet. I get a great malt flavor up front and then the Centennial, Amarillo, Chinook, and Cryo-Simcoe hops hit you and brings a huge smile to your face. This has a nice finish to it with the bitterness lingering for a bit at the end. If you are a fan of old school west coast IPA’s, do yourself a favor and pick this one up!


All proceeds from the sale of Shop Talk will be donated to My Block My Hood My City which is a great organization in Chicago that builds a better world one block at a time.

Barrel And Flow

18th Street Brewery

Revolution Brewing

My Block My Hood My City

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