Grand Crew

Beermiscuous, Casa Humilde, and Bold Dog Grand Crew

Beermiscuous, Casa Humilde, and Bold Dog Brewing joined forces for the 7th anniversary of Beermiscuous and brewed a Belgian Quad with blue agave and piloncillo called Grand Crew.

I enjoyed everything about this one, Grand Crew pours a nice reddish/brown color that is lighter than the above picture shows. I get a combination of sweetness and alcohol from the aroma. The taste is killer! You get the sweet taste from the malts, agave, and piloncillo sugar in here, then the 11.5% kicks in at the end and leaves you all warm and fuzzy inside. For me, it finishes nice with a little of the yeast flavor lingering and wanting you to have another sip of it! The agave, and piloncillo sugar really add to this and make Grand Crew a nice way to wind down the day. Unless you are like me, who started the night drinking this 11.5% one and tries to spell Beermiscuous after.

Grand Crew was brewed for the anniversary of Beermiscuous and to celebrate the workers there. This one is a winner and if you are able to get your hands on one, I highly recommend it.


Casa Humilde and Bold Dog Brewing are located at the District Brew Yards 417 N Ashland Ave in Chicago. Beermiscuous is at 2812 N Lincoln Ave in Chicago and 552 Sheridan Rd in Highwood, IL


Casa Humilde

Bold Dog Brewing

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