Kinslahger Session Baltic Porter

Kinslahger Session Baltic Porter

Tonight I’m having a Baltic Porter from Kinslahger Brewing Company located in Oak Park, Illinois. This one is a session but still checks in at 8% ABV. This is a slightly dialed down version of their regular Baltic Porter that is 9.5% ABV. Baltic Porters are usually brewed with a cold fermented ale yeast or a lager yeast and Kinslahger uses the latter in this robust yet drinkable beer.

I’m a fan of the style and Kinslahger did not disappoint. This had a great aroma and the flavor was terrific. I picked up a lot of dark chocolate here and slight coffee notes. The taste was for me a tick thin, but that could be just my mind seeing “session” and expecting that. I’ll have to grab their regular Baltic soon to compare the two. The can art on this is amazing. It is a great dark blue with gold accents and is a wonderful design. I’d pick this one up again in a heartbeat, the Session Baltic Porter would be a great beer to have outside on a nice fall evening or to enjoy with a nice hearty steak for dinner.


Kinslahger is located at 6806 Roosevelt Road in Oak Park, Illinois and is open Thursday-Sunday.

Kinslahger Brewing Company

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