Première De Roncier

Première De Roncier by New Braunfels Brewing Company

Tonight I’m having a terrific Première De Roncier from the New Braunfels Brewing Company in New Braunfels , TX. Kelly K.F.M. Meyer was kind enough to send me this prior to our interview last week, and I wanted to share this with Ruby since she is a fan of sours. This is outstanding! What a fantastic beer! I get a huge hit of the raspberry/blackberry up front, then the tart hit me in the back of my cheeks as puckered up. This is sour AF and I love it!

From the notes on this: Mixed culture wheat beer barrel-aged prior to refermentation with whole raspberries and blackberries. The premiere is the first of two presses from the fruit that are blended together to craft our Saison de Roncier.

I’d normally say to grab this one of you can find it, but according to the bottle, only 96 bottles of Première De Roncier were produced for this blend in December 2020. If you see anything from the New Braunfels Brewing Company, be sure to pick it up as the 2 different one I’ve had so far have been killer! Thanks again to Kelly for sending this one out to me, and to my mail carrier for not dropping the box!

You can find info on Kelly’s book and podcast here!

New Braunfels Brewing Company

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