The Big Woods

Tonight I had a killer Vienna Lager from Coastal Fermentory in collaboration with Earlybird’s Bottle Shop called The Big Woods. Coastal Fermentory is based in Newport News, VA and Earlybird’s in Poquoson, VA. This was sent over from the Wish You Were Beer show, and The Big Woods is very good! 

The Big Woods has a beautiful copper color that maybe is a tick darker than a typical Vienna Lager. It clocks in at 6% ABV which is a little higher than usual but on this one, everything works! The aroma is terrific and the taste is great. A little sweeter but still very nice, the hop flavor hits me in the middle and The Big Woods has a nice finish to it with a little lingering bitterness at the end. I wish I had some Carne Asada tacos to pair with this beer! Overall, The Big Woods is something that would be in my regular rotation if I lived there.  

Big thanks to Wish You Were Beer for this treat!

Wish You Were Beer

Coastal Fermentory


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