Beachwood Simcoast to Coast IPA

Tonight I had a great IPA from Beachwood called Simcoast to Coast. This was courtesy of Ryan from the great Soundtrack Your Life Podcast! With all of the new trends that are out there, you forget how good a SMASH (Single Malt And Single Hop) beer can be. This uses American 2-Row Malt and 100% Simcoe Hops for just a terrific beer that I feel you should try.

Simcoast to Coast checks in at 7.1% ABV and has 70 IBU’s, everything about this beer I loved! Great fruity aroma with notes of apricot and a ton of the same flavor. This was canned a little over a month ago so it was fresh when consumed.

If this available near you, Put It In the Cart! I’ve seen some Beachwood here locally in Chicago, but not this particular one. This could be just a California release, but phone a friend and get your hands on it!

Thanks again to Ryan over at Soundtrack Your Life!

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