Tonight I’m having the fantastic Vanilla Barrel Aged Big Hugs from Half Acre. This is outstanding! I love everything about this. Great color, the aroma for me is more of the vanilla and bourbon than the coffee. This had good carbonation initially and a wonderful taste. The vanilla blends well with the barrel aging and coffee making this very smooth up front, towards the end you get more of the barrel taste. This is almost too smooth for a 12%, I could see this sneaking up on you!

The 2nd half of the beer warms up nicely. The aroma to me has almost a biscotti like smell to it and everything about the taste is that much better. Truly a terrific beer, I gave this a 9.6.

The bottom of my can is imprinted with “The Long Night Is Over” and this would be a great nightcap beer to have with some dessert. I’ve made in the past a bourbon/caramel topping for a cheesecake I made. I could see using this for something like that! HMMMMMM…….