Author: Dave Zalatoris

  • Beer Alternatives

    This week I’m going to try 4 different canned malt/beer alternatives. A Radler, a Seltzer, a Hard Tea, and a Bevy. Plus, the person that stole tap handles from The Green Lady I have a word for you, Jagoff! Shoutout to @PodcastTa2squid

  • Polish Beer Zywiec & Tyskie

    This week I talked to Derrek who hosts the I F*cking Love This Record  Podcast from Poland and we discussed some Polish beers. I’ll give updates on my health issues and at the end try out a Nitro Pepsi! I F*cking Love This Record  Promo from Dark Matter Network

  • Episode 101 IPA’s & Societe Brewing

    On the show this week, I’ll discuss IPA’s. I had one from Societe Brewing as the Beer In Front, I also had some solid Chicago ones and a Samuel Smith’s from England.  Shoutout to Podcast 27 Leave a message on my PodInbox

  • India Pale Ale

    Next week on the podcast, I’m going to talk about IPA’s. Love them or hate them, IPA’s are the driving force in Craft Beer. On the 2021 Style Guidelines published by the Beer Judge Certification Program, there are 11 separate categories of an IPA and Untappd lists 23 different categories making this the most popular […]

  • Episode 100

    100th Episode/2 Year Anniversary of the Podcast! I’m going back to the beginning having Vienna Lagers this week! Beers from Samuel Adams, Dovetail, and Goldfinger. Twisted Hippo GoFundMe Sponsored by Euvoia Promo code: WELLNESS for 15% off checkout at

  • Episode 99 Chicago Neighborhoods

    Great show this week! I talked with Artist Steve Shanabruch from Chicago Neighborhoods about his great series. There is also a contest to win a print and a discount code for any purchases! Beers this week from Old Irving, Tarantula Hill, and Burnt City plus the return of Jagoffs!  For the contest, members of my […]

  • Episode 98

    This week I’ll revisit the Lil Sumpin’ Sumpin’ from Lagunitas. I had some very good ones this week from Moor’s, Humble Forager, Solemn Oath, and 2nd Shift as well. Plus someone is so good, they made me scrap the Jagoff segment this week so don’t fast forward!  Available Here! I’m still fuzzy from the Malort […]

  • 2nd Shift/Speciation Artisan Ales Beer #3

    Tonight I had a wonderful Session Baltic Porter from 2nd Shift Brewing and Speciation Artisan Ales called Beer #3. This is so good I forgot to take a picture of it, I dove right in! Everything about this one is excellent. You get the nice dark malt aroma and flavor here. Being a Session Baltic […]

  • Episode 97

    This week I tried 2 different Corona beers, the Extra and the Familiar as the Beer In Front. I also had some rock solid offerings from New Belgium, Casa Humilde, and Funkytown! Shoutout to Playlist Wars Beer In Front Discord

  • Haymarket Chicago Tavern Beer

    Tonight I had Chicago Tavern Beer. This is a lager from Haymarket Beer Company in collaboration with @ChicagoBars This is a beer flavored beer and it’s terrific. I am enjoying everything about this one. This has a nice pale golden color, good aroma. The taste is spot on! Really good carbonation and finish here as […]