Author: Dave Zalatoris

  • Alarmist Brewing Angel Of Fire

    Good show this week where I’ll have a wonderful roasted lager from Alarmist Brewing in collaboration with the Chicago Brewseum. I’ll also have some St Louis beers from Wellspent and Perennial Artisan Ales thanks to Brian at Three One Pour. Plus I’ll call out a former Chicago athlete who’s known for his allergies to gratuities […]

  • Greeting Card Giveaway!

    For a chance to win 5 hand made cards from Rubystar Cards, head over to this link The drawing will be held this Tuesday October 19th Rubystar Cards

  • The Land Of Sky Blue Waters

    Going back to a macro this week with the beer refreshing Hamm’s. I also enjoyed offerings from Off Color, Mad Swede, Bissell Brothers, and McMenamins!  Plus, don’t build 2 toilets side by side so you can talk to your significant other! Thanks to Jeffrey, Chance, and Bill for the beer hookups! Off Color  Mad Swede […]

  • Funkytown Brewing Hip Hops and R & Brews

    Great show this week where I have the flagship beer from Chicago’s newest brewery Funkytown and it’s a winner! I’ll also have a chat with one of the co-hosts of the terrific Drunk Theory podcast Kelli Madden! There are fine beers I’ll have from Hopewell, and Pilot Project, plus a non-political Jagoff segment! Drunk Theory […]

  • 1971 Part II

    The second and final part of my 1971 in music podcast is out and is a good one! I couldn’t have done this without (a lot) help from friends! Playlist Wars Jennifer Set Lusting Bruce Keeping Up With The Cardassians Patrick Sarah  Paul Pop Culture Brews Ruvani de Silva This was a lot of fun […]

  • Conyngham Brewing Shipwreck Stout

    This week, I’m having one of the best beers I’ve had in Shipwreck Stout from Conyngham Brewing, Thanks to David Carey for this one. I’ll also discuss other beers that friends have sent me and you know there are Jagoffs this week!  Conyngham Brewing

  • Première De Roncier

    Tonight I’m having a terrific Première De Roncier from the New Braunfels Brewing Company in New Braunfels , TX. Kelly K.F.M. Meyer was kind enough to send me this prior to our interview last week, and I wanted to share this with Ruby since she is a fan of sours. This is outstanding! What a […]

  • 1971 Part I

    1971 was an incredible year in popular music. On this Part I of II, I’ll chat about some great albums with: Camille Conte Noah Sherry Lauren & Dave Carey Russ from Infectious Groove Podcast Listen Now

  • How NOT To Start A Damn Brewery!

    Great show this week where I talked to Kelly KFM Meyer. Kelly is the former owner of the New Braunfels Brewing Company in Texas. He is the author of the book How NOT To Start A Damn Brewery and hosts a podcast with the same name. This was very informative and I thank Kelly for […]

  • Kinslahger Session Baltic Porter

    Tonight I’m having a Baltic Porter from Kinslahger Brewing Company located in Oak Park, Illinois. This one is a session but still checks in at 8% ABV. This is a slightly dialed down version of their regular Baltic Porter that is 9.5% ABV. Baltic Porters are usually brewed with a cold fermented ale yeast or […]